Envelopes Delivering a Commemorative Stamp issued on a Special Day with Artwork Depicting the Document, Event or Person.




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Oct 2017 pdf Current Events in Social Studies
Aug 2017 pdf Friendships – the Key to World Peace
Feb 2017 pdf Perceived Injustice & Citizen Response
Dec 2016 pdf Freedom of Speech & Worship From Want & Fear
Aug 2016 pdf The Pledge of Allegiance
Apr 2016 pdf Political Conventions - 1900
Jan 2016 pdf Homestead Act, National Park Service
Dec 2015 pdf 13th Amendment Anniversary
Oct2015 pdf Supreme Court Justices; John Marshall, Thurgood Marshall
Aug 2015 pdf Cesar Chavez, Americans with Disabilities Act
Mar 2015 pdf Women’s History Month
Jan 2015 pdf Voting Rights Act of 1965
Nov 2014 pdf Thanksgiving
Aug 2014 pdf Montesquieu and James Madison
May 2014 pdf D-Day Anniversary, Civil Rights Act of 1964
Feb 2014 pdf Freedom of Religion, In God We Trust, Mormons
Oct 2013 pdf Gettysburg, JFK Assassination
Aug 2013 pdf Marches on Washington in 1913 and 1963
May 2013 pdf Strategies Using First Day Covers
Feb 2013 pdf Impeachment of President Clinton, Rosa Parks
Dec 2012 pdf Emancipation Proclamation
Aug2012 pdf 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, Railway Act of 1862
Apr 2012 pdf Civil War Battle of New Orleans
Mar 2012 pdf Abigail Adams
Jan 2012 pdf California Gold Rush
Nov 2011 pdf Armistice Day, Moina Belle Michael
Aug 2011 pdf Tenth Anniversary of 9-11
May 2011 pdf Freedom Riders
Apr 2011 pdf 150th Anniversary of Ft. Sumter, Civil War Veterans
Feb 2011 pdf Harriet Tubman, Carter Woodson
Dec 2010 pdf Valley Forge
Oct 2010 pdf Jane Addams
Aug 2010 pdf Betsy Ross, Mary Pickersgill, Francis Scott Key
Mar 2010 pdf an B. Anthony, Seneca Falls Convention
Jan 2010 pdf Dr. M.L. King, Jr., Amelia Earhart




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