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artwork depicting the topic.

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Treaty of Paris, 1783,

Davy Crockett, and

Spindletop Oil Discovery.


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First Day Cover Lessons are going on the road!


Oct. 15-16, Texas Social Studies State Convention in Houston

Make plans to attend the presentations on Texas history and the Visions & Voices of American Women. Look for CDs at the Social Studies School Services booth in the exhibit hall.


Oct. 21-22, Louisiana Social Studies State Convention in Shreveport

Make plans to attend the presentation on Finding & Using First Day Covers in Your Classroom,

and visit the FDC Lessons booth for CDs and free covers.


Nov. 12-14, National Social Studies Convention in Denver

Make plans to attend presentations on Finding & Using First Day Covers in Your Classroom
and the Vision and Voices of American Women.

Check out the Lessons, CDs & U.S History Visual Timeline CD at our exhibit hall booth!


On Sept. 6, 2010 Jane Addams turned 150 years old!

Let’s celebrate this civic--minded woman and her work to improve life for all citizens:
Valedictorian at Rockford Female Seminary ∗ Founder of Hull House in Chicago ∗ First woman president of National Conference of Charities and Corrections ∗ First woman to receive an honorary degree from Yale University ∗ Chair of the Women’s Peace Party ∗ Lecturer against war for the Carnegie Foundation ∗ President of the International League for Peace & Freedom ∗ First American woman to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize ∗

Famous American


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