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First Day Covers

are envelopes containing commemorative stamps, appropriate postmarks and

artwork depicting the topic.

1902 First American Woman Stamp

1902 - Martha Washington





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First Day Cover Commemorates Valley Forge

In 1928 and again in 1977 the post office issued a stamp commemorating the encampment of the Continental army at Valley Forge, December 1777 – June 1778 (150th & 200th anniversaries). The depiction on the stamp was of General George Washington praying. Unlike today when events are immediately documented and posted online, there is no photo of George Washington kneeling in the snow praying. Nor is there any document recording the event though there are several diary/letter accounts of oral histories being passed down from colonial soldiers to family members. What we do know about George Washington was that his faith in the moral righteousness of the American cause never faltered.

Valley Forge First Day Cover Valley Forge Stamp

With approximately 11,000 soldiers, Washington immediately oversaw the lay out and construction of log cabins, which housed 12 men each. It was bitterly cold and there was a shortage of food and adequate clothing and shoes. When Martha Washington arrived at Valley Forge, her carriages were filled with food, medicine, cloth, wool, and sewing supplies. With other wives, she organized a Woman’s Relief Squad, which knitted caps, mittens and socks and repaired pants and coats. The local Oneida tribe provided over 600 bushels of dried corn and taught the women how to prepare it for food. General Washington’s letters to Congress describe these shortages as well as the desertion by some soldiers. But by using Congressional appropriations and the military expertise of General Baron Von Steuben, Washington was able to turn the soldiers at Valley Forge into a disciplined fighting force. As students learn about the colonial armies’ encampment at Valley Forge, assign them to create a conversation between Martha and George Washington. What would they have discussed during dinner on a cold February night, 1778?


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