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Current Events in Social Studies

With the number of state mandated teaching items growing, and often the school year shortened, how does a social studies teacher fit in current events? When are students given the chance to discuss and delve into the history that is being made today? Does it happen only when the current event “fits” with the subject of the day? When the students learned about the treatment of the Native Americans by the early colonists or the massacres during the Gilded Age, did they also discuss the current conflict at Standing Rock?

Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Chief Joseph

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As students study about colonization or immigration, do they realize that only the Native Americans are considered non-immigrants? Why did several of the original colonies forbid Catholics from settling on their lands? Why did that fear arise again in the 1928 and 1960 presidential elections? Why did Congress pass laws to close the doors to Chinese immigrants in 1882 and in 1924 to Japanese immigrants? Are there similarities with the current ban on immigrants from predominantly Islamic nations? What was/are the fears that bring about such exclusion? Should the First Amendment be ignored in order to keep people out of the U.S.?

Statue of Liberty Centenial


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The U.S. claims to be a peaceful nation, but when has it provoked a war? What brought on the Mexican-American War in 1845? Why did the U.S. go to war against Spain in 1898? Why did President LBJ authorize the use of force against North Vietnam? Do students know where the Korean peninsula is located? Why was it divided in half? Has the U.S. fought there before? Using those four examples of war, what did the U.S. gain or lose? Would another war in Korea benefit the U.S.?

Remember the Maine FDC

Korean War FDC

Purple Heart

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