Envelopes Delivering a Commemorative Stamp issued on a Special Day with Artwork Depicting the Document, Event or Person.





FDC Lessons provide teachers with ready made warm up or review lessons to use in their classrooms. These lessons provide a primary source image, which allows students to use their critical thinking skills to analyze, compare, or draw conclusions about the topic being depicted on the stamp, postmark and artwork. The images will also help students recall information studied in other lessons. By using the first day cover image as a "mental map" students have an opportunity for quicker recall on standardized tests. Besides just using the lesson, teachers can print off the images and create bulletin board displays, or create a "Mix Match Freeze" game with the images and quotes or students can use the printed images to create human timelines.


Sample Lessons available on the product pages.


For more information on strategies read the article that appeared in the Texas Council for Social Studies magazine, Hook Students To History With First Day Covers -Warm Up Lessons Using Stamps, Postmarks and Artwork.



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The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum is a wonderland of information on the history of the postal service in the U.S. The educator site provides ready-made lessons using primary source images from the museum’s collection. Use the search screen to discover all the topics used on stamps. For example, type in Ben Franklin and see the first stamp issued in 1847 or the 2006 issue that celebrated his 300th birthday. (Be sure to check the “philatelic” box before the search button.) The museum has incredible exhibits on a variety of topics such as the history of the U.S. flag, the Olympics, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and the Race to Space.


The National Postal Museum has an informative newsletter and is also found on Facebook. Be sure to check out both.


Another excellent lesson resource is provided by the U.S. Postal Service, Community Connection.


There is a new lesson posted every month and the archived lessons go back to November 2009. Lessons cover such topics as Ellis Island, and Earth Day, and include detailed strategies for warm up, engagement and processing activities. There are also educational kits and resources that can be downloaded for free. It also is found on Facebook.


To learn more about collecting first day covers as a hobby, check out the American First Day Cover Society at www.afcds.org. To hunt for your own first day covers, check first with the Postal Museum and see if a stamp was issued for your topic, then go to eBay. This is an easy place to begin your search for first day covers. Type in your topic, choose stamps from the category button, then hit search. You’ll be amazed at what turns up. Good luck!




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