Envelopes Delivering a Commemorative Stamp issued on a Special Day with Artwork Depicting the Document, Event or Person.





FDC Lessons believes that teachers must create lessons that meet the needs of their students. How a particular content was taught last year may not work with this years’ students. FDC Lessons may be defined as “ready made” but these lessons truly are just a starting point for the teacher. Use the entire lesson as a warm up or review lesson, or use only a section of the lesson to generate conversation with and among students. The lesson may also serve to compact content in the interest of time. Teachers may use just the image to peak student interest during a teacher lecture, or use the image as part of test question. As can be seen, using these lessons as the foundation, the possibilities become endless.


Each lesson is based on the National Standards for U.S. History and is copyrighted. Please share the web address www.fdclessons.com and encourage other teachers to purchase their own copy of the lessons.


These lessons are created by a now retired, secondary social studies, public school teacher who spent 28 years in her own classroom and 11 years mentoring other new and experienced social studies teachers.


Please contact FDC Lessons, fdc@fdclessons.com with any questions or constructive suggestions to make FDC Lessons more useful for teachers.





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Are you a first day cover or stamp collector? Do you want to help introduce teachers and students to the world of stamps? Do you want to help spread the news on how to use stamps and covers in the classroom? There are millions of students in thousands of classrooms who do not yet know that U.S. history can be learned by studying the images found on postage stamps, the information found within a postmark, and the details depicted in the artwork of a first day cover. 


You can help to Spread the News by making a contribution to FDC Lessons.


Donations will be used to help publish the lessons, cover costs that come with hosting an exhibit booth and making presentations at the national and state social studies conventions, and covering expenses associated with the creation of the FDC Lessons, newsletters and First Day Cover Lessons Facebook page.



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